Cartoon NetWork Amazone for all ages

Cartoon No Vork - water park, which is commonly referred to as Russian tourists briefly Amazon (Amazone) gives a special atmosphere immersion in children's emotions delight. The park is excellent and very well-designed children's area, where the sea spray of the waterfalls and cascades splashing children up to 7-8 years. But there will find something like activity and attraction of any adult. Slides of various levels of extreme and varying heights.
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Waterpark Cartoon Network with plus locker
Waterpark Cartoon Network with plus locker

Thailand - Pattaya

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AQUAPARK AMAZON (Amazone) 2 or more people for the whole day! Included a safe! Food choice of European and Thai food! And all this in a 20-minute drive from Pattaya, the best water park, which opened in 2014, now known TV channel Cartoon Network and can accommodate more than 150 water slides. Here everyone can find a water attraction for the soul of the most exciting to calm toddler. Different time collection To order »
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Prices may vary at water park Cartoon NetWork. Follow the news about the Cartoon NetWork - Now, for the convenience of guests in Thailand, it was possible to go to the park at different times of the day.

In the opinion of guests who have already visited the water park "Ramayana" slides in Cartoon Net Work steeper and more attracted lovers of "off in full." After the second and quickly became popular water park Ramayana, pricing Cartoon NW has become more flexible, and prices have fallen significantly. Compare for yourself: at the opening of the ticket price for adults is 1590 baht, whereas now on our website can enjoy the most inexpensive ticket to the water park for the day with the shuttle back and forth at a significantly reduced price .

* If your company have small children, then you may fit individual transport, as the basis of practice, kids often begin to act up. In the case of individual transport, provided that the travel involved 4 or more adults, you can ask to file a car to return at any time up to 1 hour before departure.

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