Price tour described in Pattaya

2 days 1 night, 26 от 1550 бат

Thailand a big country that wants to learn more, and often one of the day, dedicated to the program is very small - it takes more days on the trip. Popular excursions in Pattaya two days are the Kwai River with all its variations, rest on distant islands of Koh Kood, Koh Samet, Koh Chang and many others. All tours operate Russian and English-speaking tour guides and, as a rule, full power is on. Прайс »

3 days 2 nights, 6 от 3700 бат

Want a great trip to leave Pattaya for a few days and learn more about the country? We offer programs that are designed specifically for people like you. You can go with a guide or just take a transfer to the island or any other place. All this on our website TourConnect.Club Прайс »

half day, 22 от 350 бат

For our guests we have selected programs that can be visited in half a day without long, sometimes tedious trips. Прайс »

short time, 20 от 350 бат

When there is not enough time on vacation in another country, you can see what you would send on a trip, so as not to go around a lot of time - up to 4-5 hours maximum with the transfer! Прайс »

with food, 29 от 450 бат

visa, 1 от 2500 бат

new, 8 от 1300 бат

marine, 19 от 1200 бат

For vacationers in the resort of Pattaya offers a variety of sea excursions. It may just be boat trips, and can be an adventure with fishing, treasure hunt, communicating with monkeys and fun animations. Read the description of the program and select the appropriate option. Almost all of them are connected with the local small islands of Ko Lan, Ko Temple, Koh Rin and many other nameless. Прайс »

exstreme, 11 от 1300 бат

Someone coming to Pattaya looking for a relaxing beach holiday, but someone a way to spend time seems too boring in Thailand. For these guests there are more active in this description below programs. Here you can learn about such trips and book the desired date prices. Прайс »

evening, 23 от 390 бат

till 1 hour drive, 34 от 350 бат

diving, 3 от 1300 бат

The first question that tourists ask when deciding on a dive: Is there anything in the water? How much water is transparent? For some reason it is believed that the waters of the Gulf of Thailand are not very suitable for underwater diving. We assure you that you will spend an unforgettable day with a team of experienced instructors and perfectly discern the diverse marine fauna and corals. Прайс »

fishing, 8 от 950 бат

"If a man - a fisherman, he and the fisherman in Pattaya!" - Says someone invented wisdom. It is of course a joke, but in reality there are avid fishermen who will not miss the opportunity to fish in Thailand, especially, that all this is available: sea fishing vessel, professional equipment, gear, sonar, and for lake fishing enthusiasts: fresh water and giant 15kg of catfish. Here is the collection for the fisherman in Pattaya with a description of the programs. Прайс »

traditional, 38 от 350 бат

animals zoo, 27 от 350 бат

The cost of excursions and tickets to the zoos in Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya), a detailed description of the fauna, waterfalls and other places that must be visited. Прайс »

erotica, 4 от 390 бат

In Pattaya, there is entertainment, which is particularly distinguish this city. If you want to attend one of the shows of erotic themes, then this book the tour online. We will pick you up from the hotel, and after the presentation, will drive back to the hotel. Прайс »

cognitive, 52 от 450 бат

It is natural that in the coming Thailand want to know the country inside and visit interesting places. See an overview of excursions to the historical and cognitive bias. Book tour dates right now and have fun with the new knowledge. Прайс »

historical, 18 от 450 бат

beach, 46 от 350 бат

For beaches the same description can be applied outside of Pattaya: clean sand, azure water, palm trees. But, of course, has its nuances. If you want a quite something from the category of "bounty" that is the best place for this island of Koh Kood, but it the farthest, and no one wants to spend a short vacation for long journeys. The nearest beach the perfect place for "doing nothing" is a military beach (very cheap - 350 baht). Прайс »

amusement parks, 10 от 490 бат

Choose a holiday you like. You can go to the next water parks , but you can a little further under the Bangkok to visit the Safari Park with animals. For travelers with small children are well suited short trips "Pipo Pony". Прайс »

island, 47 от 370 бат

shoping, 13 от 900 бат

theater show, 14 от 390 бат

Where to go in the evening in Pattaya? After the customary visit to the streets Volkin Street (Wakling Street) in the first days at the resort, tourists are beginning to get acquainted with the cultural life of the resort. For a family or a romantic holiday will suit theater-cabaret "Tiffany", "Alcazar" or "Colosseum", children and adults interested in visiting "Tuxedo" in the theater of magic, but for those who are looking for "in hot" can be viewed on live sex shows " Big Eye "(Big Eye) or" X show "(show 69, X show). Прайс »

possible with children, 81 от 350 бат

adults only, 5 от 390 бат

Detailed pricelist with offers and prices for a large number of exciting excursions for adults in Pattaya. Прайс »

museums, 3 от 450 бат

temples, 28 от 650 бат

palaces, 11 от 630 бат

youth, 18 от 590 бат

spa, 1 от 3150 бат

aquapark, 9 от 750 бат

Those tourists, who came to Pattaya to 2014, usually offered in a single trip at the time the water amusement park Siam (Siam). But now boasts Pattaya has two modern places for lovers of water lung extreme - it Ramayana and Cartoon NetWork (CNW). How do they differ? Прайс »

transfer, 11 от 370 бат

culture, 28 от 400 бат

At the mention of Pattaya, especially for people who have not been here often, people often have the image of the "street of sin" Walking streeet, but in fact, having arrived in the city, tourists will be able to feel not only this side of the resort, but also learn a lot of new things about the country, its culture and customs. See what a great variety of cultural excursions on our site Прайс »

for children, 1 от 490 бат

For holidaymakers in Pattaya with children always there is a question: Where to go with children on excursions? There are many such places. Pattaya in recent years, strenuously trying to get rid of the image of only the "city of sin" and in every way attracts families with children. Прайс »

for family, 50 от 350 бат

tours , 1 от 6800 бат

rafting, 2 от 2600 бат

ATV, 3 от 1690 бат

riding on elephants, 6 от 690 бат

Elephants are waiting for their riders in the village of elephants for a walk through the jungle for 30 or 60 minutes. This is the easiest way to ride on elephants, but may seem boring at the monotonous or even "multi-ton" movement of these grand animals. Perhaps more interesting to go on the tour where ride on elephants is only part of the program. Such programs are evening Nong Nooch or the River Kwai. Прайс »

individually, 66 от 1050 бат

tours abroad, 5 от 9500 бат

cruise, 2 от 1200 бат

show, 7 от 350 бат

Bangkok, 27 от 500 бат

What to see in Bangkok? Unscripted tourist attractions usually does not know the capital of Thailand, but to visit the city and see something new and unknown, many want. We will help you organize your holiday for a comfortable comprehension Kingdom culture. Here are all the excursions in Bangkok. Book now - get discounts, bonuses, gifts! Прайс »

sport muay thai, 2 от 1300 бат

airport, 27

Prices for a taxi at low prices from the airport to the hotel in Pattaya. The car will approach precisely by the specified time, receive an sms-message with the number of the car and the phone of the driver. Прайс »

zoo, 7 от 490 бат

Guests of Pattaya usually do not think about what are the trips to the zoo Khao Kheo? It seems that they are all the same and so do not overpay. See here for a description of all the programs that we offer - despite the fact that they are all related to the zoo, but still have their own characteristics: the time of the (until lunch / afternoon), the route, with shopping, no shopping, tours , without a guide, duration. Прайс »

multi-day, 1 от 8200 бат

tropical garden Nong Nooch, 8 от 550 бат

What are the excursions to the tropical garden Nong Nooch? Conventionally of can be divided into daytime and evening. By the evening include a program that includes the day program, plus elephant rides and dinner on the shore of the lake with zapuskaniya fire lanterns into the sky. Also the evening meal may end up in the highest tower in the knowledge of the Pattaya Tower. Daily tours of the Nong Nooch begin as from morning to afternoon, and after dinner, and do not include meals. Hours garden at the entrance from 8.00 to 18.00 Прайс »

Kwai, 6 от 2090 бат

Tourists of all nationalities who come to Thailand, is bound to be asked to go on an excursion on the River Kwai. What is so remarkable is that guests Pattaya happy then talk about the two-day trip? It's simple - this trip allows you to see the real Thailand without the beaches and bustle of the city. See a list of tours related to the River Kwai and select the appropriate option from the description: Прайс »

Samet, 13 от 370 бат

Prices for trips from Pattaya to Koh Samet from year to year remain stable. For many reasons, this island remains one of the most sought after tourist attractions. Here and clean water, and beaches with white sand, and beautiful views for photography. Guests of the island, as a rule, remain always happy, as the procedure of the trip itself is not tiresome & mdash; only 1.5 hours and you have already arrived! When choosing a transfer, be prepared for a surcharge of 200 baht for visiting the Mu Samet National Park as one of the islands of the Khao Laem Ya National Marine Reserve. Прайс »

Koh Chang, 16 от 540 бат

What is the cost of Koh Chang? A common question from tourists. But let us understand how many different programs are on Koh Chang? On the island there is no sense to go in less than two days. Comfortable time on the island for transient vacation is 3 days and 2 nights. During this time, you can catch a ride to explore the island on a rented motorbike, soak up the sun, swim in the beautiful lagoon and go to the waterfalls. Usually Premium program includes a walk on a boat on the three islands and all meals. Прайс »

Koh Kood, 7 от 840 бат

Cambodia, 6 от 2500 бат

A favorite pastime for visitors Pattaya is riding on elephants, it's not just the exploitation of the animal as it may seem to many, but, above all, involvement with the culture of the host country where elephants are revered sacred animal communication which gives true pleasure. Elephants can be ironed, brushing, feeding, even play. Somewhere you can feel like a drover 1 hour and pass the long way through the jungle and lakes, and somewhere up to 20 minutes on the tropical garden and it depends on the program, which can be ordered on our website Прайс »

free transfer, 6

Look stores in Pattaya description and select where you want to go? It is obvious that after a trip to the shops, tourists can significantly save on excursions payment, as we offer great bonuses and some excursions simply donate as a gift. So bring home not only buying securities which can be bought only in Thailand, but also pleasant emotions from excursions at a low price.

We offer a free taxi to the best shops in Pattaya! Feed hour! Прайс »

photo photoshoot, 3 от 1800 бат

military beach Sai Kaew, 4 от 350 бат

Cartoon NW Amazone, 2 от 990 бат

A few words in favor of the Aquapark Cartoon Network Amazone: "Why should I visit this park?" The whole water park was created for the theme of cartoons, so here is a paradise for toddlers and children of young and middle age. According to tourists, who visited the park, in addition to slides for the youngest, there are slides are quite extreme, which attracts visitors who want to get their portion of adrenaline. All day visitors are entertained by animators dressed in costumes of cartoon characters from American cartoons. Parents from Russia often do not know what kind of "heroes" are, nevertheless smart and cheerful park workers do their best to revive and please the guests: they dance, sing, and are involved in various activations. Прайс »

tatoo Sak Yant , 4 от 2400 бат

Nang Ram, 3

Don Mueang, 9

taxi, 55 от 500 бат

U-Tapao, 6

Suvarnabhumi, 12

The main air haven of Thailand since 2006 is Suvarnabhumi Airport, it accepts local and international flights. Most of the flights from Russia are made through this airport. On arrival it is more convenient when the guests of the "country of smiles" are greeted by drivers of our taxi fleet. If you take care of the meeting in advance and make a taxi order before departure, the driver will meet you at exit number 3 with a sign with your name and surname in English. The taxi will take you to the place of importance in Pattaya, to the islands of Koh Kood, Koh Chang, Koh Samet or any other place. Прайс »

Ramayana, 4 от 750 бат

On our site you can choose tickets to the Ramayana water park in Pattaya, along with the transfer there and back or without it. For Pattaya guests from Russia and other CIS countries living in convenient transport proximity to the Ramayana water park or owning or leased vehicles when booking tickets on our website, please indicate that the transfer is not required. Our employee will wait for you at the checkpoints at the time specified in advance. The prices for tickets are cheaper for us, if we buy them ourselves at the ticket office. For Friends of the club, the transfer is free of charge! Прайс »

Ko Talu, 2 от 1590 бат

SPA, 2 от 4600 бат

Spice garden, 2 от 450 бат

new season 2018-2019, 2 от 1300 бат

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