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TourConnect a partner channel of cooperation between the companies of tourism in Asia

TourConnect.club is a professional association of companies engaged in the field of tourism and recreation infrastructure with the aim of informational support, advertising, promotion of tourist products and improvement of business management

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TourConnect offers suppliers way to organize the work agents-sellers:

  • post your suggestions on the site
  • select vendors and determine the terms of cooperation
  • receive and process orders online
  • inform agents about changes in programs and updates

You are the organizer of sightseeing or your business provides the infrastructure recreation (restaurants, hotels, shops, spa, etc.). ?! Discover, a network of vendors provide you with orders from around the world.

Help your agents to be successful!

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TourConnect offers sellers tourist services convenient format of interaction with suppliers, the organizers:

  • select suppliers to conclude with them the contract
  • see offers and forms a showcase for its price
  • you are prompted to your online store and sell
  • book and get the status of your reservation online

You want to sell tours and other tourist products under its name on a contract basis to tourists from all over the world ?! Create a network of reliable partners in our club

Have information and sell more!

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