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Таиланд - Паттайя

Blue Lagoon Beach (Sai Kaew), without dinner

Protected beach in Sattahip. Clean sea, a good alternative to the island of Koh Larn (will not swim, but the move).

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Blue Lagoon Beach (Sai Kaew), without dinner

One of the best beaches of the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, just 30 km from Pattaya. In the vicinity of the beach inhabited by tribes of monkeys which you can feed. The beach is fully equipped for a holiday: free showers, toilets, there are restaurants, massage parlors and shops. Also on the beach you can rent snorkeling equipment, kayaks. The Blue Lagoon, you can spend the night in cozy guest bungalows located directly on the beach.

Excursion to the Blue Lagoon (Sai ​​Kaew) twice a day. We can choose any convenient departure time at the beach, and the beach in Pattaya. Fans of sleep longer be able to leave later for the same price as the early morning.

The price includes round-trip service (extra charge for sun lounger and lunch + 150B)

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Что с собой взять (памятка для туриста):

- Camera or camcorder
- Swimming accessories
- A positive attitude and a desire for new discoveries!
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