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Excursion to Koh Tala is worth it!

Upon arrival in Pattaya, take the time to travel to the island of Ko Talu (Ko Talu). This island really deserves to admire and come here again and again. Nature awarded Tala all that is called "bounty" in the people: landscapes, clean sand and a clear sea with the obligatory attribute of beautiful photos - hanging palm trees over the water. The main attraction of the island is the natural arch, from which the name Ko Talu came: Talu is a needle eye! The island is very small and uninhabited. It can be circled in a few hours. From Pattaya about 2 hours of travel (100 km)

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Полный перечень познавательных экскурсий в Паттайе. На наших экскурсиях вы сможете окунуться в процесс легкого изучения традиций, общества и природы Таиланда и узнать о стране намного больше, чем до поездки. Звоните по телефону или сразу бронируйте на сайте! Это просто, удобно, выгодно, по самым низким ценам!

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