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TourConnect.club is a voluntary association of companies of tourism and tourism related businesses that provide recreational infrastructure, in order to exchange information and solve common business problems to promote and improve the tourist industry.

The principle of the organization is built on the site of accumulation http://tourconnect.club reliable and relevant information from the supplier partners about the excursion programs, activities and services provided in the regions where they are located on their own and follow their relevance for the operational cooperation with partners -agents under the contract terms and commitments.

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Placing proposals TourConnect.club absolutely free: we do not charge any commissions or fees for it. Suppliers are free to decide what they post and on what conditions immediately after registration . However, TourConnect.club is an independent club that is interested to its pages reflected truthful and accurate information in a specific format and form, so looking to cooperate, first of all, the company seeking a high level of partnership and service at Rules club and their observance. See sample page with tour , corresponding requirements for materials

Interaction and responsibilities

TourConnect.clui is an online platform for communications and payments with no end user service providers and vendors are not held. Suppliers and sellers find each other on the court site and independently agree on mutual and processing of orders and payments. Suppliers and retailers are free to decide the issues raised in the course of their interactions. Suppliers and vendors to take care about the quality of their services, about returns, cancellations, and other fees and charges.

What does TourConnect.club

TourConnect.club connects us to the club effective partnership to achieve maximum results, to improve the quality of tourism services, reliable information of tourists and growth of popularity of travel in Asia and especially Thailand.

TourConnect.club saves time, as partners, as well as tourists. Suppliers and vendors can concentrate fully on their core business, and TourConnect.club will take care to inform the tourists on the Internet.

Team TourConnect.club will post your suggestions, as well as make sure that they are represented well, but it is not an obligation of the club, as each supplier must be interested in it. Moderators, however, will be to check your data for any typographical errors, or any other inaccuracies. In the case of the publication of information in a foreign language in order to avoid incorrect translations, we can not guarantee changes and free transfer.

Our mission: to do so that satisfied tourists are becoming more and travel companies grow their business and improve services.

Business account

In addition to the services provided free of charge, TourConnect.club offers advanced services for business rates. Subscribe to Business fare allows you to remove constraints and enhance the reputation among teammates.

TourConnect.club develop

TourConnect.club introduces its services in phases and at the time of reading this text, maybe not all the functions. Please treat this with understanding.