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Dear users TourConnect.club!
Dear suppliers!

TourConnect.club one of its objectives to provide users of the site says - tourists and partners accurate and convenient information on all aspects of tourism, therefore, urge you as the source of information and support, post content, adhering to the established order on the site.

Once placing their proposals and conditions of cooperation with our partners, you will get:

  • beautiful modern page with a full description of the offer (price, software, photos, video, audio channel);     
  • the respect of colleagues and partners, because this page they can use to work with their clients;     
  • orders from partners that they can do right on site;     
  • to inform about changes, updates, promotions not only the partners but also, most importantly, customers and visitors to the site.

Terms of cooperation with partners that you specify in the preparation of proposals will be considered closed service data. You are free to control access to such data and to grant permission only to trusted and reliable partners with whom you already have a contractual relationship. TourConnect.club tried to make you comfortable and safe, but due to the fact that TourConnect.club offers suggestions for free, urges do not neglect the format for submissions, and to do everything possible accurately and with respect to the developers website.

The minimum requirements for materials

  • the reliability;
  • the right to place;
  • White Label - a model of cooperation, which does not use symbols (labels, signs, tags, phone numbers, addresses, names, names, links, url, and so on.), indicating directly or indirectly to the source of information;
  • accommodation in different languages ​​(Rus., Eng.);
  • Enter the currency with which working correctly;
  • specifies the time the policy is correct;
  • In the service of these proposals make the text of the terms of the contract.

To make the convenience of repeating in the fields of information, use the "Save as new", which appears immediately after making the first record deals.

Entries can be moved up and down