What TourConnect.club?

TourConnect.club Club is an independent project that brings together companies involved in infrastructure, tourism and leisure in Asia in the Uniform Partnership Pool for effective interaction and the best presentation of reliable information. The purpose of the project - to provide its users - tourists and travelers from around the world favorable conditions for quick and easy implementation of orders and planning rest on one site online with the interests of the partners and their prices.

Principles TourConnect.club

  • price without compromising quality
  • quality always on top
  • trust - absolute value
  • security above all

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What are the advantages TourConnect.club?

  • the ability to carry out an objective choice among the hundreds of companies within the same site
  • get support manager of the club in the event of problems with the quality of services provided by partners
  • to order in all companies through a single personal account, without having to enter contact information
  • with every order to earn bonus points and exchange them for prizes
  • to see the history of your orders
  • to compare prices and programs
  • to assess the quality of work and level of service
  • to publish their comments and suggestions on the site
  • to take part in special promotions partners available to members only club